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be someone’s sunshine


Art by: Jeffrey Sincich and Josh Stover

The world has its share of critics. Any quick search on the internet or stroll on social media will confirm it. Unfortunately, now more than ever, people can hide behind their virtual armor while plonking away at their keyboards releasing quick diatribes. Negative internet trolls aside, you also have to contend with every day encounters with people who have zero manners or those who want to unleash their negativity on vulnerable targets. Mean girls are real and so are rude dudes. This brings me to my new favorite quote: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

It may sound cliché, but you never know the positive impact a compliment, shared laugh in a coffee line, or simple “how are you?” can have on someone’s mindset. Please quit looking down at your phone or snapping a photo of your fancy latte, and be present. Notice humanity, smile, empower someone, and watch things get better. I promise you it will not only shift the rhythm of your day, but it will make someone else’s a little brighter. Be someone’s sunshine, even when your own skies are gray. That’s how the light gets in.

P.S. For anyone still in school, never ever let someone sit alone and eat their lunch. Invite them to your table. You will never regret being kind.

P.P.S. Ignore the queen bee who tells you not to do it—be kind. If you saw the movie, Mean Girls, you know things won’t end well for her anyway.

August 28, 2016 - 6:58 pm

Melanie Humphrey - “For that’s how the light gets in.” So true! And, yes, be the one who befriends the kid sitting alone. Be kind, like Becky.

hurray, jeep wagoneer is making a comeback!





Wagon Master


a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically a period or place with happy associations.

Wagoneer Love

It’s official. The Jeep Wagoneer will launch a 2018 model bringing back an American classic. I’ve never been into cars, but there’s something about a Wagoneer that makes me happy like a second grader with a rainbow-flavored snow cone. Riding in one, you can imagine yourself dashing off to a beach bonfire or an epic road trip to the Keys. Unfortunately, the new version will be competing with the Land Rover and Range Rover so the price tag should be hefty. The good news is if you own a vintage Woody, it will be worth even more after the launch.

Young, preppy millennials are surely going nuts over the news. Countless magazine-styled photos of vintage Jeep Wagoneers can be found on Instagram and Pinterest. But for those of us who grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it represents more than an aspirational lifestyle. It’s our childhood. The boxy shape and faux wood paneling brings us back to the good days. I never had a Jeep Wagoneer when I was a kid or teenager. Yet, I remember them with an endearing fondness for all things from that time period like Dr. Scholl’s sandals, home phones affixed to walls with long coiled cords, and listening to music on vinyl.

Road Trips Remembered

Growing up, our family had a Chevrolet station wagon. It looked like an enormous, aqua shark gliding down the sunny Florida Turnpike. Road trips before air bags, seat belt regulations, and backseat air-conditioning conjure up images of my mom or older siblings consulting a Rand McNally map while my dad stubbornly insisted he wasn’t lost. Long stretches of highway with no electronic devices to entertain us meant you had to make your own fun. Just as we were about to die of boredom, my older sister would reach over the front seat (no, she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt) and turn the radio dial. Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 saved us from killing each other.

My prediction is the 2018 Jeep Wagoneer will be a hit among all ages, and even vintage models will get swooped up in the craze. Whether you grew up around them or your grandparents owned one, you get it. That’s the thing about nostalgia. It tugs at your heart in a fierce way rendering you all warm and fuzzy for a time long gone by. It’s not just a car—it’s a feeling.

senior photo shoot season is here!

Since my new photography website is under construction, I thought I’d pop over to the blog and post. Don’t miss out, those obligatory yearbook photos can never truly capture the real you. So let’s chat about your session ideas and bring your vision to life!

For more details, email me at Here’s a small sample of the beauties (inside and out) I have photographed in the past.







Sharing my favorite things is something I naturally do. On the flipside, I love getting recommendations from others on just about everything: new places to see, shop, and eat! I guess you now know where my priorities lie.

Here’s a mini, yet carefully curated, list of products that make me happy:

Bourbon and Boweties

Sweet as lemon drops, these Southern and hand-crafted bangles make a perfect pair. Wearing a colorful stack of these bracelets just adds to the fun so don’t stop at two. Feel chic with wrist candy that adds a stylish pop to any outfit–whether you’re in shorts & flip flops or your favorite party dress. Best of all, they’re made right here in the Tampa Bay area.


Rifle Paper Co.

Who wouldn’t fall for paper goods that are whimsical, colorful and full of retro-inspired charm? Rifle Paper sure knows how to woo its customers with beautifully designed accessories and keepsake worthy cards, journals, notepads and more. My love for paper goods runs deep, and Rifle Paper has certainly won my heart over.


Pai Skincare

Ever skeptical of cream cleansers, I tested out a friend’s Pai Skincare before buying my own. The heavenly scent and lush feel of the Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser made me an instant fan. Organic botanicals work together to cleanse your skin while also luxuriously hydrating it, making it a must-have for sensitive skin types or those with normal to dry skin. Your best bet for specials can be found online at Beauty Bay. Shipping takes a bit longer since this is a British skincare company, but it’s worth the wait!


something to smile about

Some days are better than others. If you’re having a challenging time of it, here are three quick videos that will brighten your perspective:




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