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hurray, jeep wagoneer is making a comeback!





Wagon Master


a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically a period or place with happy associations.

Wagoneer Love

It’s official. The Jeep Wagoneer will launch a 2018 model bringing back an American classic. I’ve never been into cars, but there’s something about a Wagoneer that makes me happy like a second grader with a rainbow-flavored snow cone. Riding in one, you can imagine yourself dashing off to a beach bonfire or an epic road trip to the Keys. Unfortunately, the new version will be competing with the Land Rover and Range Rover so the price tag should be hefty. The good news is if you own a vintage Woody, it will be worth even more after the launch.

Young, preppy millennials are surely going nuts over the news. Countless magazine-styled photos of vintage Jeep Wagoneers can be found on Instagram and Pinterest. But for those of us who grew up in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it represents more than an aspirational lifestyle. It’s our childhood. The boxy shape and faux wood paneling brings us back to the good days. I never had a Jeep Wagoneer when I was a kid or teenager. Yet, I remember them with an endearing fondness for all things from that time period like Dr. Scholl’s sandals, home phones affixed to walls with long coiled cords, and listening to music on vinyl.

Road Trips Remembered

Growing up, our family had a Chevrolet station wagon. It looked like an enormous, aqua shark gliding down the sunny Florida Turnpike. Road trips before air bags, seat belt regulations, and backseat air-conditioning conjure up images of my mom or older siblings consulting a Rand McNally map while my dad stubbornly insisted he wasn’t lost. Long stretches of highway with no electronic devices to entertain us meant you had to make your own fun. Just as we were about to die of boredom, my older sister would reach over the front seat (no, she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt) and turn the radio dial. Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 saved us from killing each other.

My prediction is the 2018 Jeep Wagoneer will be a hit among all ages, and even vintage models will get swooped up in the craze. Whether you grew up around them or your grandparents owned one, you get it. That’s the thing about nostalgia. It tugs at your heart in a fierce way rendering you all warm and fuzzy for a time long gone by. It’s not just a car—it’s a feeling.

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