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A beautiful bush found across the street from my neighborhood Publix. Finally blooming, here’s my bougainvillea.View full post »

hurray, jeep wagoneer is making a comeback!

@kjp Wagon Master nostalgia noun a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically a period or placeView full post »

senior photo shoot season is here!

Since my new photography website is under construction, I thought I’d pop over to the blog and post. Don’tView full post »

something to smile about

Some days are better than others. If you’re having a challenging time of it, here are three quick videos that willView full post »

the handwritten note

Photo courtesy of my trusty IPhone Tea from Felicitous Coffee & Tea House Handwritten letters seem to be fadingView full post »

happy earth day

Photo by @stephenwilkes: While we are no strangers to the beauty of this earth, it is important that on Earth Day, andView full post »

a fresh start

Hello January, thanks for giving us all a fresh start. A new year graciously offers us the chance to push the resetView full post »

happy friday

What could make Friday even better? The release of Adele’s new single, “Hello.” Happy Friday, everyoneView full post »

homemade salsa – the only way to go!

Remember those Pace salsa commercials where the indignant cowboy shouts, “This salsa’s made in New York CityView full post »

summer berry crisp

Perfection is overrated. One look at the above photo and it’s obvious it’s been taste-tested and spent theView full post »

target for lilly: the aftermath

It’s been two weeks since the Lilly for Target launch. And I still remember my excitement thinking about all thoseView full post »

well hello, spring!

Spring can’t help itself. It likes to show off, and we’re grateful to witness its spectacular show.View full post »

instagram accounts you should follow!

Instagram is by far the cooler cousin of Facebook. I love the simplicity of Instagram and being spared from the endlessView full post »

Happy New Year!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” – Oprah Winfrey This could not beView full post »

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