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Sharing my favorite things is something I naturally do. On the flipside, I love getting recommendations from others on just about everything: new places to see, shop, and eat! I guess you now know where my priorities lie.

Here’s a mini, yet carefully curated, list of products that make me happy:

Bourbon and Boweties

Sweet as lemon drops, these Southern and hand-crafted bangles make a perfect pair. Wearing a colorful stack of these bracelets just adds to the fun so don’t stop at two. Feel chic with wrist candy that adds a stylish pop to any outfit–whether you’re in shorts & flip flops or your favorite party dress. Best of all, they’re made right here in the Tampa Bay area.


Rifle Paper Co.

Who wouldn’t fall for paper goods that are whimsical, colorful and full of retro-inspired charm? Rifle Paper sure knows how to woo its customers with beautifully designed accessories and keepsake worthy cards, journals, notepads and more. My love for paper goods runs deep, and Rifle Paper has certainly won my heart over.


Pai Skincare

Ever skeptical of cream cleansers, I tested out a friend’s Pai Skincare before buying my own. The heavenly scent and lush feel of the Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser made me an instant fan. Organic botanicals work together to cleanse your skin while also luxuriously hydrating it, making it a must-have for sensitive skin types or those with normal to dry skin. Your best bet for specials can be found online at Beauty Bay. Shipping takes a bit longer since this is a British skincare company, but it’s worth the wait!


something to smile about

Some days are better than others. If you’re having a challenging time of it, here are three quick videos that will brighten your perspective:




the handwritten note

Photo courtesy of my trusty IPhone
Tea from Felicitous Coffee & Tea House

Handwritten letters seem to be fading from our everyday existence being replaced by fast correspondence. Understandably, email and texting are efficient and serve their function, but they lack heart.

Although technology reigns supreme in our lives, nothing beats the sensory experience of discovering a letter in the mailbox. Whether it’s the cute stamp, the color of the envelope, the quality of the paper, or recognizing someone’s handwriting, it all feels so personal. What’s more, in a world where we always seem to be chasing time, it’s so meaningful that someone stopped everything for a few minutes to think of you.

Letters are to be savored. After all, imagine showing your grandkids a “love email” from their grandfather. So slow down and write those cards or notes every once in a while and not just for birthdays. Share your news or thoughts or love the old-fashioned way. Teach your kids to do the same. The simple act of putting pen to paper can magically transform a friend or relative’s day. And try as you may, you can’t say that about a Facebook post.

happy earth day

This perfectly expresses how I feel about Earth Day! Let’s do something.

getting organized

Maybe it’s just me, but I find that I’m much more inclined to stay organized when I’ve got cute products to help me do it. Check out my latest roundup:

1. Emily Ley Simplified Planner – Keep it simple but ultra adorable with the Emily Ley Pineapple Weekly planner. It’s the perfect place to plan out your week and gain a hold of your life! I love the sidebar to do list for your top priorities of the day and the inspiring quote for each week. Look for a whole new lineup of planners this spring!

2. Ananas Trinket Dish & Clips – Add a bit of glam to your desk with this gold pineapple dish accompanied by handy, matching paper clips from Anthropologie. You and your desk deserve this.

3. Zippered Mesh Pouch – Store your pens, pencils, erasers, etc. in this clever vinyl pouch. You’ll never have to worry about your pen leaking in your purse again. It’s also the perfect size for makeup when you’re on the go.

4. Moleskine Notebooks – I’m obsessed with these for various reasons. They sell them at Barnes & Noble, but I always end up finding mine at 60% off at my local T.J. Maxx.

5. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Declutter your home and organize your things then watch your life change. I haven’t had a chance to read more than the first chapter (procrastination), but I am now up for the challenge of beginning again!

6. Laduree Macaron Erasers – Make editing a sweet task with these. Erasers that are a knock off of the famous Laduree bakery macarons just can’t be beat. Plus, it’s amusing to fool people with them.

7. Knock Knock Notepads– Another T.J. Maxx find that is fun, colorful, and practical all at once. Write down to do lists, goals, and more with these whimsical notes.

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